- In pursuit of a Fair Review







Les Rutherford Aged 99

Bomber Aimer 50 Squadron


“The clasp was a final insult. We were insulted after the war and we were vilified after the war. Our commander, Bomber Harris didn’t get an award whereas all the Commanders of other forces received awards. Most Bomber Command servicemen are very upset about that.”


Ivor Foster Aged 96

Mid-Upper Gunner 186 Squadron


“As far as Bomber Command air crew are concerned, when the war finished the British Government turned their backs on us. They further rubbed salt into our wounds when they refused to award us with a proper Bomber Command Campaign medal and they further insulted us by issuing a clasp in 2013.

Thousands of us missed out on the Air Crew Europe Star, as this was only issued up to D-Day. Our war suddenly did not cease in June 1944, it lasted for another eleven months, during which most of our dangerous missions occurred and thousands of our comrades were lost, all under the British Government’s orders.

I have recently received the award of the “The Thank You Liberators Medal 1945” from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Their letter to me stated, “Rest assured that the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will forever remain grateful and will never forget these brave men and women who took part in the liberation of The Netherlands.”

It is shameful that other countries, such as the Netherlands, can recognise our service 73 years after the event but our own Government refuse to put things right.  The Government appear to be ignorant about what we had had to do and they have brushed us under the carpet like a piece of dirt. I am not speaking just for myself, there were thousands of us. Sixty two nations took part in the defence of our free world and this Government does not realise how close Britain came to being invaded. Had we not volunteered things would have been different.

Please support the petition on “go” for a fair military medals review to be undertaken to look again at our case.”


Sqd Ldr George (Johnny) Johnson MBE DFM (Ret) Aged 96

Bomb Aimer 97 and 617 Squadrons


“57,861 personnel of Bomber Command who gave their lives in service to their country, fighting Nazi Germany for the freedom of others and other countries has not been recognised.” Surely we owe them full recognition for their service and our thanks for their sacrifice.”

“I feel that the clasp is an insult to the sacrifices our comrades made. Other campaign medals have been given for WWll services, none of which had the same losses as Bomber Command, who have to be satisfied with this miserable clasp attached to another medal. Mine is still in its box and will stay there and not with my other medals.”


Len Manning Aged 93

Rear Gunner 57 Squadron


“All the other services have been awarded campaign medals for their services, so after all these years it is time for Bomber Command to be recognised. It will be too late for most of them and if it takes too long to be granted there will not be any of us left. I am 93 and I am one of the youngest.”


Wg Cdr Jim Wright DFC Legion d’Honneur (Fr) (Ret)

Navigator 61, 630 and 97 Sqns


“According to the MoD medals office, to date they have issued 18,356 Arctic Stars and 10,033 Bomber Command clasps. Since June last year, this is an increase of only 5 Arctic stars and 20 BC clasps, so we must be getting fairly close to final figures for each. This represents about 15% of those eligible for the Arctic Star but only 8% of those eligible for the BC clasp, figures that emphasize my long-held view that the clasp is held in comparatively poor regard by nearly all of the veterans of Bomber Command and their next-of-kin.”